GameFraym becomes Master Blaster

TL;DR: We focus on low-threshold esports. It should be fun and easy to organize and participate in esports. To achieve this in the best possible way, and at the same time create Norway's leading esports company, we gather the troops.

Master Blaster and GameFraym merge, and will in future work for the vision of creating the best tournaments and meeting places for those who want to do esports.

GameFraym featured 
When Håvar Bjørnseth (left) and Anne Kristine Lund from Gamefraym join forces with Simon Sakkestad and Master Blaster they create Norway's most exciting tech company in esports. Photo: Sigmund Sagberg

Hello awesome you!


We are pleased to share the news of the merger that creates Norway's leading esports company. Two of the most innovative and exciting gaming environments in Norway, Master Blaster and GameFraym, are merging. Each team has their own ship (platform), but we will travel in one going forward. The engine is superior on GameFraym, but the look and feel as well as the interior is superior on Master Blaster. We will take off with GameFraym’s ship while we work on rebranding and redesigning it to become Master Blaster on the way. For you, this means a better product and more fun esports. Yay! Since GameFraym was created in 2016 and Master Blaster in 2020, we have worked independently. Now we are finally put together as one and working within the same universe. This means that we are in a better position to be able to create good experiences, make long-term investments and discover new stars and galaxies. Together we will create the friction-free game galaxy that focuses on fun esports with good vibes!

What to expect from us going forward A frictionfree game galaxy is essential to our mission. We strive to make it intuitive and easy to use, and help you through your journey. In that way, your journey will be friction-free. Our promise to you is a relentless focus on making it easy for you to get the job done.

With fun esports, our goal is to make sure you never get bored. Regardless of whether you are familiar with the planets, or whether you are on your first journey - there should be something fun and enjoyable to experience. To enjoy yourself in this esport universe, you do not have to have a certain level of skills; for us, fun esports is a hybrid between casual gaming and esports. How about turning the waiting time in the match lobby into something fun? How about competing in silly games and game modes? How about challenging the established world of esports?

We know that immature behavior and toxicity can ruin what could have been a proper fun esport session. A platform with good vibes only is our Nirvana. Our strategy is to reinforce positive behavior, and of course crack down on bad behavior. Being good will give you and your community rewards - and hopefully, together, we make it cool to be good.

 By joining forces and investing in this direction, we believe we can enable everyone to enjoy esports. Don’t worry, we will still focus on tournaments on the various planets, such as CS: GO, FIFA, Valorant and PubG, as well as build communities and other services.

Stay tuned, check out the new platform and let us know what you think.


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